About me

Finding the way once is luck. Finding the way twice takes a good map.

I am a geospatial technologist working for The DHS Program (vis-à-vis ICF) with more than seven years of experience performing analysis, creating electronic and paper maps, and writing code. My role fits between those of a traditional GIS analyst, developer, and cartographer. My favorite thing to do is to make maps, charts, and websites that help people understand little-known parts of the world around them.

I, also, do polling for the Neoliberal Project and write a data column for Exponents. From time-to-time I host in-person events and meetups for neoliberals/neoliberal-adjacent people in the Washington, DC area.

From 2011-2017, I worked for the Washington College GIS Program as both a student Junior Analyst and as a full-time GIS Analyst II. The majority of my work was on projects for the Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) and Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO), but I also did work for nonprofits and local governments. My current career would not be possible without the unique opportunity that I received at Washington College to be, functionally, an apprentice in addition to my normal studies.

For a while, I maintained a blog on this domain. Most all of the content was the cringy writings of a college student. A few of the posts live here, the rest exist in the ethereal of the internet archive. The content of my musings were my own, at the time, and do not speak for my my employer(s), my school(s), or any other person, body, or organizations. I'm honestly not sure if they even speak for me anymore.
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